Large electric vehicles to deliver public services

Trial of electric heavy goods vehicles in Dundee


Dundee City Council has invested to create the UK's largest local authority fleet of electric vehicles

Building on the success of switching to electric cars and vans, Dundee City Council was keen to find ways to electrify larger vehicles in its fleet.

Urban Foresight was commissioned to support the design and delivery of a Transport Scotland funded trial of electric heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Our work involved understanding of the finances and timescales involved for both vehicles and infrastructure. This was translated into a project plan that included, timescales, key milestones and work packages involved.

We identified all parties that have an interest in the project and delivered a consultation plan.

We also reviewed the state of the art in vehicle technologies and generated a detailed list of the vehicles to be included in project. This was informed by direct engagement with vehicle manufacturers.

Charging requirements and infrastructure needed for each vehicle were also established.

Plans were also developed for the fleet maintenance section so they would be able to support the new vehicles when they arrive in service.  This included looking at: training for mechanics and users; additional workshop equipment required; specialised spare parts to stock; and supplier support.

We developed specifications for charging infrastructure and supported in the identification of suitable sites. This involved working closely with key suppliers to the council.

We modelled the expected range of each vehicle type against the known mileage of the current vehicles and mapped the current suitable infrastructure in the city.  This was necessary to ensure that the infrastructure was fit for purpose and the vehicles could complete their duty cycles without additional time.

Our support also included the delivery of this project, working between the project team and major partners in the project including vehicle suppliers, the infrastructure provider, and local authority officers.

Our remit also included managing the overall costs and change events that are required during the process,  and supporting the council officers in providing reports and costings to Transport Scotland.