MaaS strategy for Glasgow and the Strathclyde region

Opportunities, barriers, and recommendations for introducing MaaS


Mobility as a Service gives users a single point to plan, book and access all types of transport.

Evidence collected by the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport suggests that people in the city of Glasgow and the wider region are looking for more integrated travel. 

Urban Foresight was commissioned to explore potential opportunities and barriers to introducing Mobility as a Service (MaaS). 

This included evidencing the ways that MaaS could tackle specific transport problems. It also considered the potential demand for MaaS, including a market segmentation analysis and development of MaaS user profiles.

The study quantified the MaaS ecosystem and wider transport governance challenges to delivering MaaS in the city of Glasgow and the wider Strathclyde region. It set out a framework of MaaS providers, suppliers of data, and operators of transport assets and services.   

This analysis informed a set of ‘high level’ options for a bespoke MaaS offering for the city and region.

We also developed a roadmap to take the recommended solutions to the market. This considered how implementation could be scaled and phased including where ‘quick wins’ and interim milestones could build towards a longer-term sustainable solution. 


Image credit: Ben Wicks