National test bed for assistive technologies

Digital technologies to improve social care for vulnerable adults in Sunderland


Sensor technologies and data can help people live independently in their own homes

Sunderland City Council tasked us to analyse system risks and identify precautionary measures for an assistive technologies data platform. This bespoke software was specified to allow users to view and interact with data from assistive living devices installed in people’s homes.  

Given the sensitive nature of this data, security and data handling policies were an essential requirement. Our analysis specified the risks, precautions and security measures to ensure DPA and GDPR compliance.  

These recommendations were informed by recognised best practice and our team’s practical experience of designing and delivering secure and compliant platforms. 

We also supported the creation of procurement documentation. This included defining a pricing schedule, advising on terms and conditions, legal considerations, and state aid compliance. We were also able to offer expertise on how to design procurement processes to enable participation from SMEs. 

Urban Foresight’s clients benefit from domain expertise in technology enabled care services and experience of digital transformation to deliver operational savings and new revenue streams.


Image credit: Sabine van Erp