Sustainable energy climate and action plan for Angus

County-wide actions to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to a changing climate


Angus Council is committed to investing in new technology, sustainable solutions, and improved working practices to transition to a low-carbon economy

Urban Foresight was commissioned to produce a county-wide Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan to mitigate the climate emergency in Angus.

The plan covered three areas: sustainability, adaptation, and carbon management. Our role was to establish strategic direction for an initial set of actions for each area.

An evidence-based service design approach was used to establish priority actions to reduce carbon emissions or adapt to a changing climate.

Each action took into account existing projects, stakeholder priorities, and national initiatives. They included actions that have a direct impact on emissions, such as energy efficiency initiatives. Supporting actions were also defined, such as research, securing funding, monitoring, governance and management frameworks.

In preparing the plan, Urban Foresight undertook a Strategic Environmental Assessment. This was carried out in accordance with the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, with the screening report submitted to the Scottish Government Gateway.