Dundee’s mobility innovation living lab

£1.4 million smart mobility test bed

Mobility app

How can innovations in transport technologies and services improve wellbeing and quality of life?

Urban Foresight manages a £1.4 million smart city innovation programme for Dundee City Council.

The Mobility Innovation Lab (The MILL) is transforming Dundee into a real-world test bed for new transport technologies and services. It aims to demonstrate how innovations in transport technologies, business models and data can improve wellbeing and quality of life, such as connecting people with essential services and enhancing economic opportunities.

This innovative programme is creating opportunities for new products, services and business models to be developed and trialled in Scotland’s fourth largest city.

The first wave of projects to be run through The MILL were commissioned in Summer 2018 and will deliver solutions related to car sharing, fleets, smart parking, active travel. The next phase will be to combine these services into a single mobility as a service platform and is expected to commence early in 2019.

Urban Foresight manages all aspects of the programme. This includes providing expert support to large and small businesses. The support provided includes help to access funding, infrastructure and end-users to co-create solutions.

Urban Foresight also has a role to facilitate collaborations amongst suppliers, help to scale-up solutions to other Scottish cities and create opportunities to promote innovations to global markets.