couple biking down a road in scotlands hillside
27th August 2021

Angus Rural Mobility Hub

Actionable recommendations for Angus Council to take advantage of current drives in mobility, technology, and policy.

Commitment to achieving net-zero by 2045 has underpinned policy at national, regional, and local levels.

New technologies in energy storage, distributed energy, and electrification of transport are rapidly advancing. Additionally, new forms of mobility, digital connectivity, and systems are emerging.

To review these trends, Urban Foresight has been awarded a project with Angus Council to develop an action plan for a new rural mobility hub.

With deep experience of innovation hubs and recent work in mobility, Urban Foresight’s expertise will bring together a broad range of inputs and translate it into:

  • a robust assessment of demand,
  • clear operating models for a mobility hub,
  • and develop practical next steps.

“Urban Foresight is passionate about seeing places in their own terms. We take development approaches that understand geography and the differences between urban and rural economies,” said Gordon Hector, Principal Consultant, Urban Foresight.

“Helping the wider Tay area get to net zero is very exciting for us. We understand the role this hub could play in inspiring and leading change through space for businesses, new infrastructure, and a range of cutting-edge innovations.”

This award builds on previous work Urban Foresight have done for Angus Council.  The 2020 Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan and the Green Travel Hub in Forfar allow us to understand the evolution of the council’s plans over the past few years.

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