15th January 2018

Evaluating a Regional EV Charging Network

Urban Foresight has been commissioned by the North East Combined Authority (NECA) to undertake an audit of the existing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the North East.

Since the majority of charging points within the NECA region were installed in 2009, the technology and standards that underpin the charging infrastructure have evolved rapidly.  In order for the NECA and the seven local authorities it represents, to provide ongoing value to customers, they are seeking for a separate maintenance operator to manage the estate. Given discrepancies between figures on charging databases and online mapping tools, the region requires a full audit of existing infrastructure and a detailed technical specification to provide prospective operators with a more accurate description of the estate.

Urban Foresight will conduct an in-depth desk-based review of the estate followed by up to 560 site visits of charging infrastructure, comprehensively covering the seven NECA local authority areas of Northumberland, County Durham, South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Newcastle, Sunderland and Gateshead.

Over the years, Urban Foresight has acquired a great deal of knowledge in electric mobility in the region through various projects. This audit will build on that knowledge, giving an understanding of real conditions on the ground for EV drivers, the local authorities and prospective operators across the NECA area. From this, a definitive list of all infrastructure will be compiled into a dashboard grouped into local authority areas and a report featuring recommendations on sites requiring repair, removal, upgrading and usage data for the last 18 months. Urban Foresight will then condense these insights into the development a detailed specification, for the tender of a prospective maintenance operator.

Callum White, Consultant at Urban Foresight said:

“There is a need to ensure that existing and future charging infrastructure will continue to provide value to customers and represents ongoing value for the required maintenance and operational investment.

This audit will not only provide a greater picture of region’s charging estate, but will hopefully provide a more tangible evidence base for shaping the current and future expansion of charging infrastructure across the region.”

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