23rd September 2015

EV4SCC Workshop at Frankfurt International Motor Show

An international EV workshop organised by the EV4SCC platform in collaboration with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC) Market Place, brought together a range of organisations to discuss the potential for EVs to make cities smarter and greener.

The workshop was held at the New Mobility World Forum at the IAA in Frankfurt, Germany, and featured a broad range of attendees including cities, SMEs, industry, consultancies and research centres.

Inspiration came from the city of Berlin which is fully committed to electromobility with its dedicated agency eMo (Berlin Agency for Electromobility), and the company Bridging IT which has set a goal to electrify its whole car fleet. Presentations were also provided to outline challenges and opportunities for cities around a range of issues, with European project ELIPTIC discussing the electrification of public transport, and Circe addressing the implementation of specific technologies such as inductive charging.

The workshop also gave visibility to SMEs such as GreenWay, which provides bespoke EV solutions for transport companies, and to initiatives such as the Hubject platform, enabling the European wide charging of EVs. Discussions also looked beyond the region, with European project GO4SEM outlining Global EV trends and opportunities for European EV SMEs.

EV4SCC is a collaborative platform to mobilise a Europe-wide dialogue on the potential for EVs to be integrated with Smart City initiatives. Today, EV4SCC is recognised as a key lead initiative under the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster of the Market Place of the EIP SCC, run by the European Commission. Among our 50 partners (initially 45) from 15 different countries, there are 14 cities, both small and large in size. Led by Urban Foresight, the EV4SCC platform represents the whole EV value chain offering a range of opportunities for cooperation and project development.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

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