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8th October 2020

Lloyd’s of London launch Cities at Risk report

New Urban Foresight authored report on ‘Cities at Risk – Building a resilient future for the world’s urban centres’ published.

Using four global trends, the report analyses the risks facing cities now and in the future, and how these threats will affect urban areas.

Commissioned before the COVID-19 pandemic, the report aims to help city leaders, risk managers, insurers and brokers to understand the risks that will shape cities in the coming decade.

The study utilises Urban Foresight’s specialist expertise in understanding urban governance challenges and preparing clients for emerging technological and social trends.

It has been published by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, in association with Urban Foresight and Newcastle University.

Dr Graham Thrower, Head of Infrastructure and Investment at Urban Foresight said,

“The commissioning of this report was prescient. As cities continue to evolve, their shape and functional performance is being questioned like never before. Recent events have highlighted the importance of our great cities as concentrations of economic, political and social activity. They are also environments in which risks concentrate.

This report treats cities as highly interconnected systems of systems.  In so doing it adopts a holistic view of urban risk. This Cities at Risk report aims to give cities the tools they require to preserve and enhance the lived urban experience whilst managing the many challenges they face.”

The report can be downloaded free here.

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