2nd July 2020

Urban Foresight awarded contracts to evaluate innovation programmes

Urban Foresight has been awarded two contracts to evaluate innovation programmes to support high-tech businesses

The programmes are both funded with European Regional Development Funding, which requires grant recipients to commission summative assessments of performance.

Urban Foresight has been tasked to undertake research and analysis that builds on the prescribed summative assessment guidance and provides meaningful insights from the programmes.

This assessment will include opportunities to enhance implementation, lessons learned for the future and evidence of efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.

The contracts have been awarded by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and will review two innovation programmes delivered in North East England.

‘Collaborative Outreach in Applied Surface engineering Technologies’ (COAST) supports the development of customised nanoparticles from university research into commercially viable engineered surfaces and composites.

The SPOTLIGHT programme supports small to medium-sized businesses in commercialising photonics and other related emerging technologies for use in healthcare.

In addition to expertise in summative assessments, Urban Foresight’s team also comprises scientists, engineers and innovation practitioners with experience of developing and commercialising disruptive technologies.

Further added-value comes from Urban Foresight’s experience of delivering European funded business support activities. The evaluations will therefore benefit from a practical understanding of the challenges and impacts of delivering these programmes.

Sam Nair, Senior Consultant at Urban Foresight said, “As a mission-driven business headquartered in North East England, we are passionate about the region and motivated to report on the learning from these programmes. We look forward to finding out more and sharing conclusions that help future programmes to be successful.”

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