29th April 2022

Call to action to encourage drivers to ditch fossil fuels

Campaign to mark the anniversary of diesel exhaust emissions being classified as a cause of cancer.

Urban Foresight launched a new campaign today to raise awareness of the global air quality crisis and to encourage drivers to ditch fossil fuelled vehicles.

It calls for businesses and public sector organisations to join together to mark the ten year anniversary of diesel exhaust emissions being classified as a definite cause of cancer.

On 12th June 2012, the World Health Organization released a landmark statement that diesel engine exhaust emissions were carcinogenic to humans. They were placed in the highest possible category hazard alongside smoking, asbestos, and mustard gas.

Urban Foresight is seeking partners to help mark this anniversary and to raise awareness of the need for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels from transport.

“Over the last decade we’ve gained a deeper understanding of the diseases caused by air pollution and the levels of human exposure across the UK and around the world” said Dr David Beeton, CEO of Urban Foresight.

“The UK government has recognised that air pollution poses the single greatest environmental risk to human health and plans to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. Our campaign aims to build public support by drawing parallels with the success of the smoking ban and to promote electric vehicles as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.”

A joint declaration will be launched on 12th June to underline commitments to phase out the damaging emissions of fossil fuelled vehicles. Media partners will also be engaged to launch a targeted call to action to as broad an audience as possible.

Over the next three days Urban Foresight will be at Fully Charged Live in Farnborough, the UK’s biggest electric vehicle and clean technology event. Its team of electric mobility consultants will be on hand to give advice to fleet managers and members of the public. They’ll also be giving away air fresheners with the slogan “Don’t smoke, Drive electric” to raise awareness of the role of electric vehicles in improving air quality.

Any businesses or organisations that would like to join with Urban Foresight to mark this important anniversary are invited to visit us at Fully Charge Live at Stand N10 or by emailing:

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