Directional road sign along a street indicaticating a car park, a second sign says that there is also an electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot. Elgin. Scotland, UK.
21st March 2023

A decade at the forefront of Scotland’s EV charging policy

Designing a self-sustaining economic model for public EV charging in Scotland.

As the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) consultancy, Urban Foresight has shaped national, regional and local policy in public EV charging infrastructure for more than a decade. As the race to go electric accelerates and local policymakers are asked to drive the agenda, the need for our advisory services is greater than ever.   

The conversation around public EV charging in Scotland is transitioning from the challenges of establishing a network using public subsidy to creating a self-sustaining network.  

The future is a public EV charging network that can pay for its infrastructure, operation and maintenance costs, whilst remaining affordable for the user. This poses a significant challenge for a nascent industry against the backdrop of an energy crisis.   


The UK Government’s commitment to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 has created an aggressive timeline for the development of a reliable and abundant charging network. 

It is estimated the UK will require around 280,000 publicly accessible chargers by 2030, 30,000 of which will be needed in Scotland.  


In late 2022, the UK Government released a final tranche of public funding to support local authorities in identifying the business case for EV charging in their regions. Urban Foresight is working with ten local authorities across Scotland to develop these business cases. 

Our work requires designing innovative business models which work within the complex EV ecosystem. This is leading to new roles for local authorities and opportunities for public-private collaboration. 

Gary McRae, Head of Electric Mobility at Urban Foresight commented, “Urban Foresight remains at the forefront of delivering an accessible, affordable and reliable network in Scotland, which attracts private investment and removes the need for public subsidy. We are helping a significant number of local authorities work through what the new vision means for them and how this can be done at the heart of a fair transition.” 


Urban Foresight’s long history of supporting industry and government in the EV sector puts it in a unique position to steer regional government on the future of public EV charging.  

After a over a decade at the forefront of EV policy in Scotland, Urban Foresight is still leading the development of this transport system as it takes its next evolutionary step.  

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