Alasdair Fennell

Graduate Project Specialist

Alasdair joined the Urban Foresight team as a project specialist at the beginning of 2022. He combines his technical background in physics with an enthusiasm for renewables and green technologies to develop strategies for smart places.

While completing a Masters in Experimental Physics at the University of St Andrews, he adapted existing deep learning techniques for use in imaging and photonics experiments. This multidisciplinary work encouraged strong report-writing and research skills. The project combined previous knowledge of image processing with new work in the construction of neural networks – an area with strong links to smart technology. Throughout his undergraduate degree, he maintained a particular interest in physics breakthroughs and their implementation in the field of clean energy generation.

In 2020, Alasdair managed a research project for the University of St Andrews to investigate public engagement strategies across UK universities, drawing from expertise across various degrees and subject areas. The final report received a commendation for its technical accuracy and depth.